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Dear Reader,


We can only be deceived when there is a chance of realisation. In the past issues, we have taken pride in presenting carefully investigated facts and pledged to forge ahead in the journey for truth… but what’s next? A culmination of five years worth of introspection, we zoomed into the very essence of an idea and invite you to SEE deception through our and our writers’ eyes. 


Sense/ Stimulate – Before anything, we shall converse with ourselves prudently about how to proceed. Recall your instincts––what comes to mind when you face unpleasantries, see a needy afar, look at yourself in the mirror? How do we know if we are deceived? Is realisation just another deception?


Examine – Just like when you regain sight from the darkness, it is time to let your eyes refocus. Shy not away from examining and questioning humanity, history and culture. But what follows when deception floats to the surface? In hopes of answers, we consulted the advice of psychology expert Professor Suzanne So and health data specialist Professor Kelvin Tsoi. But perhaps deception itself is not always so important when we have values and purposes we hold dear.


Experience – With renewed views and eyesight, we are ready to explore the real world again. Indulge in a salivating review of Indian delicacies in Hong Kong or engage in a reflective dialogue revolving around Green Knights.


We have been challenging facts, arguments and our analytical tools, constantly searching for evidence and proofs. But what if truths are in themselves beyond our eyereach? Maybe when we are blindfolded by deceptions we are kidnapped from truths. But maybe we are protected from the daunts and dangers in daylight at the same time. It takes courage and skill to uncover the hidden, for what is to discover may change your world forever. 


Perhaps, the answer to a world of uncertainties is to believe in what you think. After all, we are not only exploring, we are living and experiencing. Be discerning, but don’t forget to enjoy the ride.

Yours sincerely,

Buji Wong and Charlotte Ip

Co-editors in Chief of Issue 5

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Why we joined this project

Writing is the most rigorous form of thinking and evaluating my ideas

- I wanted to challenge myself

To inspire others to ask big questions and find answers to them

To find a platform of an organised effort of expression

Drag students away from their screens

Encourage students to make time for curiosity

To empower people with higher social awareness and to make change

To encourage people to read about subjects beyond their field of speciality

Life is a kite and you need to run against the wind

to gain a better view of the world around us

Just because I am curious :)

Polishing writing and communication skills

Learning to cooperate with others

Soothing my mind by expressing myself

Directing a film to capture the dynamic story of the world’s dilemmas

To try out something new



The CUriosity team extends their sincere appreciation to the General Education Foundation for their full support and funding of our publication. We also wish to thank the following people, who provided valuable feedback that enhanced the content and quality of our writing:


Dr. Tjonnie Li (Department of Physics)

Mr. Mike See (English Language Teaching Unit)


Finally, our warmest gratitude to Dr. Isabel Hwang (Faculty of Medicine) and Dr. Klaus Colanero (General Education Foundation), our supervisors, whose insightful and candid comments both encouraged and challenged us to think, to write, and to think like a writer.

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