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Issue 2 of CUriosity brings you a delectable feast serving of articles to feast on.


SOCIETY section: you will explore the implications of artificial intelligence, the ethics of gene editing and the devastation - and hope, that emerges from the darkness of domestic abuse.


SPOTLIGHT section: you will discover the value of self-love, the courage of sticking with a dream -  and pushing it through to reality. You will also find yourself contemplating the meaning of love in the context of modern life amidst a group of  drunken half-naked men at a very famous drinking party.

FEATURED section: In his essay, Why I Write, George Orwell sets out four motives that drive him commit to pen to paper. One of them being  the "desire to the push the world in a certain direction, to alter other people's idea of the kind of society that they should strive after". And thus is our mission for CUriosity Issue 2. We live in a world that is so interconnected that ignorance is no longer an excuse, and neither is inaction. This is why we chose Inequality as our theme for this issue, a topic that warrants an increasing need to be addressed given the rising gaps in health and wealth both within and between societies.

For many of us, life in Hong Kong is so abundant in commodities, so rapid in pace, and so focused on status and self-image that it may cloud us from recognising the decadence and decay such pursuits sometimes entail. For example, the materialistic satisfaction we feel on a shopping spree is not easily connected to the plight of an impoverished child in a decrepit household devastated by climate change-induced natural disasters, or the massive piles of floating plastic strewn across the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Yet this is the type of world we live in today; one in which the consequences of our actions are so downstream the complex chain of cause-and-effect that they are almost negligible.


Our choices and actions, because of its aggregate effect, is perhaps the most meaningful autonomy we have at our disposal to reduce the inequality in our world. How conscious are we of the cumulative outcome of our daily actions manifest in the choices we make that ensure mankind continues to strive for the values of goodness, compassion and equality that distinguishes humans as morally conscious individuals.

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Why we joined this project

Writing is the most rigorous form of thinking and evaluating my ideas

- I wanted to challenge myself

To inspire others to ask big questions and find answers to them

To find a platform of an organised effort of expression

Drag students away from their screens

Encourage students to make time for curiosity

To empower people with higher social awareness and to make change

To encourage people to read about subjects beyond their field of speciality

Life is a kite and you need to run against the wind

to gain a better view of the world around us

Just because I am curious :)

Polishing writing and communication skills

Learning to cooperate with others

Soothing my mind by expressing myself

Directing a film to capture the dynamic story of the world’s dilemmas

To try out something new



The CUriosity team extends their sincere appreciation to the General Education Foundation for their full support and funding of our publication. We also wish to thank the following people, who provided valuable feedback that enhanced the content and quality of our writing:


Dr. Klaus Colanero (General Education Foundation)

Dr. Hannah Ho (Department of Social Work)

Mr. Philip Kitchens (Guest Writer for CUriosity Issue 1)

Dr. Tjonnie Li (Department of Physics)

Dr. Wai Yin Ng (Centre for Learning Enhancement and Research)

Dr. Jacky Ngo (School of Life Sciences)

Mr. Mike See (English Language Teaching Unit)


Finally, our warmest gratitude to Dr. Isabel Hwang (Faculty of Medicine), our supervisor, whose insightful and candid comments both encouraged and challenged us to think, to write, and to think like a writer.