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Hi Everyone.


My name is Myrmidon. I am a member of the Website Team and a writer for Curiosity.

I study law (it's tiring, thank you for asking) and I hope that by contributing to this magazine,

I develop my own thoughts, rather than rehashing ideas that surround me wholesale, without taking care to reflect on them and make them my own. I do hope these ideas have refined my thinking, though. I also hope to dazzle you all with our vision for the Curiosity website.

If you would like to make input (we love input!) we have a feedback form.

Shameless plug, but why not?


I enjoy writing and reading, exploring unfamiliar places, listening to sad music and eating calorific desserts and then regretting it after. Somehow knowing I'll regret eating as much chocolate as manufacturers hoped I'd eat, in spite of their frankly disingenuous serving information, makes chocolate taste better.


I am glad to meet you all. 

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